Fused Glass Dichroic Purse Hanger – Light Pink Background with Blue Green Dichroic Glass – OOAK – PH1038

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Fused Glass Dichroic Purse Hanger – Light Pink Background with Blue Green Dichroic Glass – OOAK – PH1038

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This purse hanger has a pale pink opaque background. The dichroic glass accents are black based blue-green. The bubbles in the glass are below the surface and a natural result of the fusing process. Recently, 50 swabs taken randomly from purses belonging to women at a mall were analysed and almost all had some level of bacteria. Fully one quarter carried e-coli. Yuck! Don’t believe it? Check it out at Snopes.Com At a restaurant, where do you put your purse? Probably on the floor, picking up who knows what. Or maybe on the back of your chair, an invitation for theft. My purse hangers allow you to hang your purse from any table or other flat surface up to 2 inches thick, off the dirty floor and out of reach of passersby. Also works great for that expensive laptop computer you carry around or the briefcase with the confidential paperwork in it. These are not ordinary purse hangers. Each one is an artisan created unique piece of art. The hanger itself is made of a zinc alloy that is then plated in nickel. The cabs that top each one, are hand-pieced layers of dichroic and opaque glass. Each tiny bit of glass is individually chosen and cut then combined with others to produce a piece with depth and colour. The designs are then fused in my kiln and properly annealed, usually multiple times to produce pieces that are all unique. A photograph does not do these pieces justice. The gem-like slivers of glass shimmer and sparkle in the light, changing colour as the angle of the light changes. Each purse hanger comes with its own decorative and protective pouch. Purse hangers would be great unique brides maids’ gifts, both useful and a work of art. If you need 6 or more, contact me for special pricing. Measure 99mm (just under 4 inches) by 76mm (just under 3 inches). To see more dichroic glass purse hangers, click here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MysticDrift/search?search_query=purse+hanger&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search

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